Sam Jones   |  @samjonester

A Better Technical Interview
We shouldn't be afraid that a technical interview won't reflect our true abilities. Let's make a better technical interview with honesty, transparency, and a more realistic experience.
Life After Nil
Ruby is late to the type system party. Let’s give Ruby something smart to say when it gets there. You’ll take a journey with Haskell’s type system. Along the way, you’ll learn how types can let you forget about nil, declaratively model your domain, and allow your compiler to drive your design.
A Well Factored Pie Graph: React + D3
A technologist's most powerful skill is the ability to analyze and leverage a tool's strenghs. React and D3 have different strenghs, which work well together to build a complex visualization.
Cucumber: Don't Get Pickled
This post will be lessons learned from using cucumber on a very large, very complicated application. The things I talk about will be either things I’ve seen done well, or mistakes I wish had been avoided. Either way, they were valuable lessons I’d like to share. Let’s learn how to keep our cucumbers from pickling!